Friday, September 16, 2011

Red Slippers

I was ask to make some slipper for a little girl, I was told that her favourite colour is red and that she defiantly wanted flowers.  I hope now that she will have nice warm toes as the cold, dark, winter evening approach us.  

They just fitted my little girl who was not very happy when she had to take them off after the photo shoot.


  1. They are gorgeous! Beautiful colours too. They will surely make her feet happy this winter!

  2. How Cute!! Very sweet.
    Now you have to make your little girl a pair like these too ;)
    It looks so lovely on her with her white dress. Did you make the dress also?

  3. Thank you both. Yes I do need to make her some and no I didn't make the dress it was a present from her auntie. ;-)

  4. So beautifull! Would you teach me how to make them? I have a little girl who is crazy about shoes...
    You are so talented making this without a pattern!