Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Raspberry Brownie Cake

This is a really great recipe for raspberry brownie cake. A very good friend of mine told it to me and we made it as one of my daughters birthday cakes. (she had three). This is a very rich chocolate cake maybe not the best cake to make for a child's birthday, but like me she is mad about chocolate and so we could not resist. 

200g dark Chocolate
250g Butter
200g sugar
6 tbsp cocoa powder
4tbsp self-raising flour
4 eggs
100g raspberries

First melt the butter and chocolate, mix the sugar, cocoa powder and flour together and add the eggs.  When the chocolate and butter mixture is ready add it to the rest and mix well.  Scrunch up a piece of greaseproof paper under the tap to make it more flexible and easier to use. (this is my friends great trick)  Place it in the cake tin and pour in the cake mixture.  Put some of the raspberries on top and cook for 15 to 20 minutes. 

When it is ready, the cake should be crispy on the top but still soft in the middle, this is typical for brownies. 
When it has cooled, place the rest of raspberries on top and sprinkle on some icing sugar. 
Like I said this cake is very rich and we could only eat a very small piece, we ended up giving it to everyone who came to visit. 


  1. Delicious!! I am going to try it too :)

    I am sure your Crayon Pouch is beautiful too, I hope you make a picture of it and put it on your blog.

    See you tomorrow at Claudia's,

    x Dana

  2. Chocolate and raspberries are always a great combination and this looks lovely!