I am a mother of 2 gorgeous, cheeky, little girls that keep me very busy.  When I am not running after them I like to be busy making anything and everything. We live on a building plot in 2 yurts in Belgium and are planning on building our own house.  
The making part of this blog is about all the things we make from slippers, cakes and preserves to our house.  The living part is about how we live, living in yurts and tips on how to live in a more sustainable way.
The girls in "Blueberry-land", eating as they pick.
The things I am most passionate about is eating good fresh organic food, feeling the ground under my feet, the wind in my hair and the rain on my face.
This is just the beginning of the blog and with time I hope to fill it with lots of wonderful and interesting things to make, and different ideas about how to live.  
Please feel free to comment on any of the post with other wonderful ideas or experiences.  

Rowan and Co.   


  1. Hi Rowan, what a fantastic blog! I only discovered it now after looking at a picture gallery of Levana I clicked something .. and found it;-)) Beautiful pictures, hope to see you sometime Kasia K

    1. Thank you Kasia, hope to see you soon. xx