Friday, July 12, 2013

Girls and Skirts

My girls love skirts and I was inspired to make them both a new one.  I thought it would be good to follow a pattern  and try something new. There are so many different patterns for different shapes and styles, I found it hard to choose. Finally I found a good one and ask my little girl if she liked it, and it was a winner.  After starting, I realised that it is not easy to follow a pattern in Dutch.  I asked for help with translating it, but it was just too difficult to understand what to do. So I abandoned the pattern and tried to work it out on my own.  
I got there in the end but it was not what I really wanted.  The waistband was too big and the skirt kept falling down.  I decided to take it apart and started again.  This time I used  big red elastic for the waistband and just sewed on the fabric.  It was very easy and it looks really nice.   

My big girl wanted to have the same but I couldn't find the right colour elastic. Instead, I copied a skirt she already has. It has an elastic in the waistband and it also has a petticoat with a bit of lace sawn on.  She loves it so much and they are both very happy to have a nice new summer skirt for this lovely hot weather.


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