Tuesday, March 13, 2012


  The last few days have been really warm and lovely and spring is in the air.  The birds have been waking us up at 6am, one of the down sides to living in a yurt is, that it is not very sound or light proof. So we have all turned in to early birds.  But it is not so bad, this time of year always fills me with energy. 
I unexpectedly found myself home alone yesterday which meant I had some time to make some little spring things for the seasonal table.  
After that I sowed some salad and lots of other yummy things in the green house. This was the high light of my day, the sun was shining and its was so hot in the green house it felt like summer and it made me very excited for all the lovely warm sunny days to come.  


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    1. Did you make them all in one afternoon? They are lovely! Xxx Sandy

  2. Heel mooi gemaakt -en zo mooi ook die kleine bloemetjes van vilt!
    ~ jippieeee, de lente komt er aan voor nog meer fietstochtjes naar Leuven ;)


  3. hehe, no I didn't make them all some of them I made last year. ;-)

  4. These are so lovely. Gives a lovely spring feeling !

  5. Very beautifull! When I see you making figures, I like it a lot that you just cut without any pattern, like a pro!