Saturday, September 17, 2011

Beetroot relish

I just love beetroot, and in this country its really hard to find fresh beetroot. Maybe because people don't like it or maybe because its too much work to cook so no one buys it.   We have a lot in the garden and so I made some yummy relish.  This takes a long time to make and it is very messy but I think well worth the work as it tastes delicious. 

1 kilo of raw beetroot
2 onions 
600ml white wine vinegar
1 tbsp of pickling spices
400g sugar

First I boiled the beetroot whole for an hour until it was soft, then I left it to cool.  When they were cool enough to touch I peeled off the skins and chopped them into bite size pieces. 

 For the picking spices I used whole black peppercorns, coriander seeds, mustard seeds, cloves, crushed bay leaves and a little dread chilli. I then made a little bag for the pickling spices, by using a bit of muslin and tying it together with some string.   

I then put the beetroot together with the sugar, onions, vinegar, and the bag with the spices into a big pot.  I cooked it all together for another 40 minute until it had thickened up.
When it was ready I ladled it into warm, sterilised jars. 

This also needs to mature for a month before eating to let the flavours blend. It should keep for up to 6 months in a cool place. 

Please feel free to let me know of any other great beetroot recipes. 


  1. Just find out about your blog. It looks great! I am excited to "snuffel" throug your archive!
    I read you live in 2 yurts, so interesting! Would like to see them!
    So funny, we where just talking about beetroot today! My recepie: Cut beetroot into little bloks and cook in a very little bit of water for 10 minutes. Add same amount of apples, little bit of sugar and cinnamon; cook another 10 minutes. I always mix it a little bit, children love this!

  2. Thanks, thats sounds really nice I will try it on my girls. You are very welcome to come over sometime. ;-)