Friday, August 12, 2011

A Birthday Dress

Finally after a few months I have made the big sister a dress as promised.   She just had her birthday and so it became her birthday present from me.  I bought two different types of materiel, I got silk for the main part of the dress and some cotton for the lining.  I also got two buttons for the back and some lace to use as a trim at the bottom. 

First I cut out four pieces, two for the outer and two for the lining for the top part of the dress. I sowed them all up and cut a bit out of the back for the buttons.  Then I made button loops and sowed them in-between the two layers. 

I then cut the bottom part of the dress twice the size as the top and the lining even bigger. I had a bit of fabric left over and the birthday girl said that it must be for the sash. 

I folded and pinned the bottom part to the top and sowed it up. I did the same with the lining. 

When that was done I hemmed the edges and sowed on the pretty lace trim.  I was not to sure about how to sow on the sash so I just tack it to the dress, if anyone has any good idea or tricks about how to saw on a sash then please let me know. 

Here is the birthday girl in her new birthday dress, she is very happy with it and I am very happy that it fits her so well.  

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