Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Some more skirts....

It's been so long since I have posted anything here, I have been too busy with work, house building and family life. But, I have had some time here and there to sew. I have had a lot of fun recently making all sorts of things from dresses, skirts to a baby sleeping bag and hot-water-bottle covers (posts to follow).  
Here are the skirts I made. I used a really good free patten from StraightGrain.  It's super simple, easy and really nice.  The first one I made was for  my Big girl and she couldn't decide which fabric to have for the outside and the lining so I made it  reversible. She loves being able to wear it on both sides. 
The fabric in the photo above is organic fabric from Cloud9 fabrics,  This was meant to be the main outside fabric, but then I bought 25cm of the star fabric below and she was torn between the two.  

 The reversible skirt idea worked really well, I just made the lining the same length as the outside, and now she has a new skirt every day. 
 The second skirt I made was for a friends little girl who is one and a half years old but I wanted it to be a bit bigger.  My little girl is modelling it here, it's a bit too small for her.  She really liked it and asked if she could have one too but she already has so many skirts.....

 for this one I used a nice girly fabric and a green lining and edging.  

 The third skirt I made was for the girls cousin's 11th birthday.  I  used a heavy weight fabric with blue elephants and blue edging and lining. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time to get any other photos of it.  It was very happily received and she loved the fabric.  
This is a really great patten and so easy, it takes less then two hours to make a skirt and they are just great.  

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