Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby Alpaca

Here is a little baby alpaca I have crocheted using baby alpaca yarn. I made it for my sister and her husben because they are both mad about alpacas. Alpaca yarn is really soft and very nice to work with, making this little alpaca has made me mad about alpaca too.  I found the patten on Etsy from a really lovely shop where you can buy lots of very clever pattens for little animals.  Here is a link to the shop.  PlanetJune's Esty shop


  1. Oooo sooooo cute!!!


  2. How sweet!! I love alpacas!! They are so adorable and their wool is indeed really soft. It's also perfect for felting. Did you get the yarn from a special store or did you buy it online?
    xx Lieve

  3. That's really lovely! Xxx sandy