Thursday, January 30, 2014

Fabric and Pillows

 Just before Christmas I went to a big fabric fair, I knew it was going to be big but when I walked in to the hall I was overwhelmed by the size, noise and the amount of people. I didn't know where to begin, so I just walked around a few times looking at all the different colours and textures. In the end I found a stand that sold  nice retro kids fabric and tried to take a look.  I say tried because there was so many people standing around I couldn't ever get close enough to touch or feel anything. When I  walked around again in the hope of find something else, I came across a little stand that was selling lovely, good quality fabric and other sewing accessories.  It was also busy but I managed to get close and have a good look around.  They had so many nice things I found it hard to resist buying everything. The lady working there told me they had a web-shop, (click here)  so I was happy to know I didn't need to buy so much there and then.  
I bought two pieces of fabric, one has retro telephones and flowers and the other has everything from hearts, birds, flowers  to windmills and hot air balloons. But I really fell in love with this fabric because it has a little horse on it that looks just like a Scandinavian wooden toy horse the girls have.   

This fabric I used to make a lavender pillow for a friends baby, (yes a lot of my friends are having babies). I cut out a small square, sewed it up and stuffed it with wool and dried lavender.  

  I then sewed on some nice red edging I found in my sewing box, it worked perfectly and gave it a nice neat finish.  

  With the telephone fabric I decided to make a cushion for my sister for her Christmas present.  I made the inner cushion just with white fabric and stuffed it with wool, then I made the cover with an opening at the back so it can be taken off for washing, if need be. 

 I used some green edging for around the opening and then sewed on little button to keep it closed. 

I am very happy with how the telephone coushin turned out and I will definitely be making more of them for us.  

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  1. I love both fabrics - but especially the telephones! Lucky cousin!