Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bears need clothes too!

 These little teddy bears belong to my girls, (big bear belongs to big girl and little bear to little girl).   The girls asked me a while ago if I could buy some clothes for the bears,  but I decided instead to make them a little outfit for Christmas. I used the left over fabric from the skirts I made in the summer, so big bear got the purple floral liberty fabric and little bear got the pink and red roses.    
I measured the bears up and made a little pattern, then cut out the fabric, sewed up the side and legs. After that I sewed around the waist with a lose stitch so that I could pull it together to make pleating.  
 I cut out a bit of purple fabric to make straps and edging, I made the edging piece longer then the waist so it can be tied in bow at the back.

The last thing I did was sew some pipers onto the straps and it was done.  
I made the same for little bear, only smaller and I bought some edging as I didn't have any red fabric.  Little girl can't tie bows yet so her bear got a button instead.  

I made them both a matching head band by sewing up a long peace of fabric to tie in a bow around the head.   

Happy smiley bears….. 

and happy smily girls in their matching skirts.  

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