Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Little Blue flower Dress

Today I made a Dress for my daughter.  I got the idea from a dress she already has but is now too small for her. It's fun and simple to make.  This is how I made it.

  •    I used 1/2 a meter of fabric for this dress and it was just enough.  This dress is made to fit a 2 to 3 years old, so if you are making one a bit bigger then buy 1 meter, you can make a sash or something with the leftovers. 

      • First cut out the shape to make the straps that go over the shoulder making sure they are long enough to tie (see photo)Cut out 2 straps going to the right and 2 going to the left for front and back + cut out the same for lining (this can be a different color) Then sew lining straps to the outer straps with right sides facing. Then turn right sides out and top stitch around 3mm from the edge. You should then have 4 pieces, 2 with straps to the right and 2 to the left.  Pin 1 right strap to a the left in the center with about 5 cm cross over, this can be adjusted  to get the right size, do the same for the back. Then sew the 2 under arms together.  

        •  Cut out 2 pieces of fabric twice the size as the top and sew up the sides with right side facing.  Then pin and fold to the top part of the dress, this will give a pleating effect.  Sew together with right sides facing. Then sew on the edging to the bottom and trim around the middle were the seam is. I bought my edging but you can make your own its just a lot more work.

          This little girl is very happy with her new dress and now her big sister wants one as well. 

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